Service Promise

No one could ever guarantee you that a machine will NEVER go wrong.
What we will guarantee you is no call centres or 45 minutes on hold.

Ring your assigned Account Director on his personal mobile (24 hrs day) & 30 seconds later, the problem is no longer yours.

If it can't be fixed over the phone we will automatically send out a trained technician ASAP.

We promise: Call outs within 8hrs
We fix: 95% First Time
We average in 2009: 4hrs to Reach & Fix

"Many companys boast that they will have someone with you quickly, but how many will fix the problem there and then?

Franking Direct prides itself not only on getting to you fast, but with engineers that actually carry parts, and fix the problem first time. We currently average 4hrs - now that's a real stat to be proud of"