Our Company

The franking machine industry can be very daunting, congested and confusing.
Here at Franking Direct we keep it simple, as it should be.

We remove the jargon and put ourselves in the position of our customers.

What's best for you, not us?

We do not have shareholders to feed and therefore our business is constructed in a very human way, with our clients goals in mind. We recognise every client as an independent, with individual needs and requirements. We offer a very bespoke personal service. We do not believe in being passed around call centres and spending hours on hold. We assign every customer with an Account Director, whose task is to instantly serve your every need. They are accessible 24 hours a day by a direct personal number.

Our directors know that by servicing our customers in an individual and honest manner (remember honesty), the long term future of our business will write itself. To this end we have 4 core values that provide the life blood of our business:

As an independent company we are in a better position to offer the best value in the market place, coupled with the very best service and attention. We do extensive research so you don't have to. It's not just the initial cost that's important, but ease of use, reliability and of course the ongoing consumables costs. We focus on the best package, bringing our clients the very best value at each level of franking.

The majority of our business is referrals from extremely happy customers, this is something we have worked hard on and are very proud of. The best form of advertising is your existing customers displaying great happiness and telling other businesses about you.

You do not get to this position if you don't put your clients first...

At Franking Direct we have developed a very fresh and simple approach to our business. One that we believe our customers were searching for.

Business doesn't have to be frustrating; it's a simple art when executed professionally between two parties. It's a status that we at Franking Direct call mutuality

Jason Howard