What is MailMark™

Understanding MailMark™ by Royal Mail for Franking Machines

Firstly, it is a different frank mark that will appear on your envelope including a 2D barcode printed by your franking meter. This supersedes the old 'Town Circle' mark:

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Main Benefits:
  • Extra Discounts: 2-7p extra discount on letters compared to Non-MailMark meters.
  • Post Anywhere: No longer restricted to posting into post office or pillar-box within your postcode
  • Pre-Pay Reply Envelopes: Print as little as one pre-paid return envelope as you need for your customers, direct from your meter
  • Maintenance: No more remote annual inspections by Royal Mail for your machine
  • Automatic Price Updates: Auto Tariff updates when Royal Mail price changes occur
  • Future Ready: Accommodate future Royal Mail changes, potential future ability to track mail via the barcode
  • WIFI & LAN: Easy connection. No more analogue phone lines

    Our Starter Low Volume MailMark Machine
    DP60i Franking Machine [DM60i] MailMark™ Compatible

    The DP60i [DM60i] is the most widely used small machine on the market running at up to 18 letters per minute, 2.5kg integrated scale, logo and Wi-Fi/LAN/Phone connectivity available.

    Weigh your mail, calculate the exact cost of postage and frank at the touch of a button... View More Details

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    Additional Information About MailMark™

    The main advantage is that Royal Mail can capture additional information about the mail for analysis by use of a barcode which can store an increased volume of data. Data such as 'Product used, Mail Format, Weight Band, Unique item Number, Welsh and English Language and Sorting Office used. Royal Mail will also be using this opportunity to brand the indicia with the 'Delivered By' logo. This data capture will allow Royal Mail to better analyse their business and consequently improve customer needs/service.

    The other main benefits are no more annual maintenance inspection needed, automatic price updates, Pre Pay Reply envelopes paid and printed on your franking meter, future proof technology, best pricing rates, Post anywhere (you will now not be limited to your town circle postcode) and additional discounts of 3p on all Letters and Large Letters.

    Our MailMark™ Machines

    Low Volume (1-49 items)

    DP60i franking machine
    FDP60i Franking Machine

    Mid Volume (50-149 items)

    DP160i franking machine
    FDP160i Franking Machine

    DP220i franking machine
    FDP220i Franking Machine

    DP290c franking machine
    FDP290c Franking Machine

    High Volume (150 + items)

    DP390c franking machine
    FDP390c Franking Machine

    connect+1000 franking machine
    Connect +1000 Franking Machine

    connect+2000 franking machine
    Connect +2000 Franking Machine

    SenPro P1000 franking machine
    SenPro P1000 Franking Machine